Caught by the River

Pleasures of September – British Sea Power

29th September 2008

British Sea Power let us in on the things that dipped their floats during September;

The films of Jean Painlevé. As collected on Science Is Fiction/The Sounds Of Science, with a score by Yo La Tengo. A very poetic take on marine biology. Painlevé also worked as “chief ant handler” on Luis Buñuel’s surrealist benchmark Un Chien Andalou.

One Summer – Willy Russell’s lovely Yorkshire TV serial about Liverpudlian lads escaping the looming gloom of Thatcher by running off to Wales

Haglöfs lightweight Gortex waterproof in bright blue. Number one Nordic fashion accessory. Kept one and all bone dry in the Western Isles.

Baked gigantes beans by Odysea of Greece

Trans Europe Express by Kraftwerk. Cor, imagine going inter-railing with this lot: “From station to station/Back to Dusseldorf city/Meet Iggy Pop and David Bow-ee.”

A juvenile dotterel on the East Bank at Cley, north Norfolk. No doubt popping in from Norway

The Moon’s A Balloon by David Niven.

Bi-fold doors – outrageous and good in the cloak cupboard that doesn’t have a door on.

Harlech Castle

George Best’s autobiography, Blessed. Greedy, cocky, cheeky, charming.
Makes you want to cut down on drinking though. Milk thistle and radishes from now on.

Walsh shoes of Bolton – as loved by both fell-runners and fans of jump-up Philly funk. Worn exclusively by BSP.

Walden – Henry David Thoreau’s classic about living out in the woods and generally going trunk-wild 70 years before Ray Mears or The Band

(thanks to Roy)