Caught by the River

Pleasures Of August

5th September 2008

Edward Burtynsky
The Genius Of Charles Darwin – Richard Dawkins (on ch4)
The Counterfeiters
“Affluenza” Oliver James
Empire Of The Sun “We Are The People”
“From Here To Before”, a film about Vashti Bunyan
French TGV trains – much more civilized than Easyjet
Youth Group “The Night Is Ours”
Before The Devil Knows You’re Dead DVD
Graham Nash – ‘Military Madness’ (1971 Laurel Canyon, Lancs.)
Basil Kirchin – Abstractions Of The Industrial North (Trunk CD)
Chris Watson – ‘Cima Verde’ (Sound Threshold cd)
Pivot “O Soundtrack My Heart”
George Orwell” a biography by Gordon Bowker

“The civilisation which I grew up in… Is now, I suppose, just about at its last kick. And fishing is somehow typical of that civilistation. As soon as you think of fishing you think of things that don’t belong to the modern world. The very idea of sitting all day under a willow tree beside a quiet pool – and being able to find a quiet pool to sit beside – belongs to the time before the war, before the radio, before aeroplanes, before Hitler. There’s a kind of peacefulness even in the names of the English coarse fish. Roach, rudd, dace, bleak, barbel, bream, gudgeon, pike, chub, carp, tench. They’re solid kind of names. The people who made them up hadn’t heard of machine-guns, they didn’t live in terror of the sack or spend their time easting aspirins, going to the pictures and wondering how to keep out of the concentration camp.”

George Orwell, ‘Coming Up For Air