Caught by the River

Touch Radio & Jim O' Rourke 45's

3rd September 2008

Touch Radio 34 | Diane Hope

1.09.08 – Elk Song – 11:14 – 192 kpbs

Headphones recommended. Recorded 24/48 with a Rode NT4 stereo mic.

The forests and meadows of Northern Arizona’s high country are populated by herds of elk, packs of coyotes and a variety of frogs, owls and other wildlife. Camping out overnight can be an exhilarating acoustic experience – as I found out…

Waking up in my tent just after 1 AM my immediate thought was that I had entered some weird spirit realm and was hearing the wail of a banshee – what turned out to be a bugling elk. The initial recordings were made on 4th September 2007. The main portion of the recording, an ethereal song consisting of a series of explosive elk calls, was made more recently on 10th June 2008.

listen here