Caught by the River

A key moment in American history is upon us;

Ben Myers | 23rd October 2008

Greetings all,

After many months of media coverage, controversy, rancour, debate, campaigning, astronomical spending and a long, hard slog for all involved, America is finally approaching a pivotal moment in its history.

Yes, that’s right: Guns N Roses’ long-awaited album Chinese Democracy has finally been given a release date.
On November 23 2008 US citizens will be given the chance to vote with the only power they have – their well-earned dollars.

In a parallel universe, the Shakespearean life of tortured protagonist W. Axl Rose is being documented entirely via the medium of poetry in an iconoclastic work of increasingly epic proportions. It is called I, Axl: An American Dream.

(And it is a dream.)

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Many thanks –
Ben Myers