Caught by the River

Pleasures Of October by J.D. Twitch (Optimo)

4th November 2008

We’re loving the Optimo mix album, “Sleepwalk”, over here at Caught By The River towers – the perfect soundtrack to the season, soul-warming music that suits long nights and short days with the sun hung low in the sky. Anyways, check it out, it’s ace… so good that we asked J.D. Twitch from Optimo what had floated his boat over the last month…

The Fallen: Searching for missing members of The Fall by Dave Simpson. A hysterical (and also a little sad) book about Mr. Simpson’s quest to track down everyone who has ever been in The Fall and also the story of his life falling apart in the process.

Mississippi Records and Sublime Frequencies for releasing the type of music we can’t get enough of at home. Also for keeping us on our toes, as if one isn’t fast they are gone – Blink and you miss them.

Werner Herzog. Mr. Herzog would probably be in this list no matter what month it was but this month has seen a particular obsession with “Little Dieter Needs To Fly”.

Korg’s Kaossilator. The most fun/annoying synthesiser for under £100. It is battery powered too so it’s good for long plane journeys when one may feel compelled to add some sci fi sound fx over the drone of the engines.

Principle’s of Economics by N. Gregory Mankiw. Many, many moons ago I studied to be an economist but somewhere along the line I got distracted. Recent events have drawn me back to the “dismal science” so I picked up a second hand copy of this to refresh my memory. Economics with integrity.

Kimchi. Currently dividing my house in two. I love it, she hates it. I can’t get enough of it and I want to go to Korea, now!

Coronation Street. Thee greatest soap opera ever made and something that has been a constant in my life for as long as I can remember. In a moment of downtime I recently worked out that an entire 0.5% of my life has been spent watching this.

Wild Combination by Matt Wolf. Mr. Wolf’s Arthur Russell biopic. So nice I saw it twice.

Champix. The wonder drug for quitting smoking. It is amazing. I have had three courses and am still smoking but never have cigarettes tasted so foul and been such a chore to smoke. Im having to work at least ten times harder than ever to be a smoker.

Mad Men. Second season still to show here, so praise be for torrents.

X-District “Color Correction” (Jimmy Edgar Original Version). 2 minutes and 30 seconds of pop perfection.