Caught by the River

Pleasures of……October

3rd November 2008

last month we were caught by…..

Boy Wonder – James Robert Baker (this is a must read – thanks Mathew)
Neil Young – Live At Massey Hall
Copper Dragon Brewery’s ‘Golden Pippin’
The Cloudspotter’s Guide – Gavin Pretor-Pinney
Notes From Walnut Tree Farm – Roger Deakin

An afternoon with Charles Jardine, who I visited with the intention of learning more about his late Father, Alex, who’s drawings you will find on this site. Charles very kindly dealt with my questions and showed me some of his Dad’s work – including fantastic paintings of birds that he had done in the ’70’s that are totally unlike anything else of his that I have seen. I was taken aback and I honestly think that Alex Jardine’s talent is not just underrated but completely undervalued. After lunch Charles handed me a set up rod plus a net and a bag of bait and walked me to the bottom of the garden where he put me in his barbel swim on the River Severn. I had the stretch to myself and as the sun went down and the sky went red I was in. A strong, magnificent fish of around 8lb. Charles (and Carol’s) hospitality to a complete stranger was kind and generous, it was a lovely day. One to remember. Check Charles website, there are some good stories on there plus some stuff about his Dad.

The middle – Trent in Autumn, fishing for Roach

Jim Fassett ‘Symphony of the Birds’
Rodriguez ‘Cold Fact’
In Bruges‘ DVD ( I had no idea that it was gonna be even slightly funny…)
‘Gavin Maxwell; A Life’ by Douglas Botting (fascinating bloke, ‘Ring of Bright Water’ an all that . could be a bit of a wrong ‘un, got himself into all sorts of trouble. great read)
the free stretch of the River Colne in Middx. fly tipping and fawns – where town meets country.

Studs Terkel “Hard Times
The Daily Show
Snow in October
Charlie Brooker’s “Dead Set” on E4
Underworld “Play Pig” (Robag mix with Melody) from