Caught by the River

Andrews of Arcadia

John Andrews | 2nd December 2008

ladies and gentlemen

good afternoon! it is december 1st and at 1pm today a cannon sounded on parliament hill to the launch the winter vintage fishing tackle spectacular ‘advent in arcadia’. each day from now until christmas an original piece of vintage fishing tackle for the soul will be placed on my website at

so for those of you who used to buy your advent calendar at woolworths and are now at a loose end you can click onto the address above each day and view or buy something a little more exciting than
a stale minature bar of chocolate. over the course of the forthcoming month there will appear a full range of reels, bags, books, floats, bait boxes, wallets and more dating from the dickensian era through to the mid 20th century. special delivery arrangements can be made or items can be collected from my stall on a thursday.

today’s item is a rare 3 inch allcock aerial – popular centrepin which can be found in the shop window.

god bless our dear dogs