Caught by the River

Shadows & Reflections – Mathew Clayton

Mathew Clayton | 31st December 2008

In which, as the year comes to it’s end, our friends and collaborators look back and share their moments;

At the beginning of the year the ukulele band i am in started a monthly night at a local pub. The idea was for people to bring along an instrument and over the course of the evening we would write a song together and film ourselves performing it. We posted the results the next day on There were always a few people who just happened to be in the pub we got to join in singing or shaking a maraca and that was part of the fun.

In July we took the idea to Camp Bestival. On Saturday lunchtime we held an open practice in the cinema tent. Wandering in by chance was a middle aged dad, a bit of a geezer, and his two teenage sons, both of whom looked like they should be playing guitar in Franz Ferdinand. The actual performance was on the main stage Sunday lunchtime and it went like a treat. When we started the field was empty but by the end it was pretty full and by the last song we were all leaping around enjoying ourselves. Amongst the 30 of so performers was the dad and his two sons.

As it came to the final chorus of the final song i looked round and saw the dad going fantastically bonkers. He was leaping up and down, punching the air and screaming the words. Just having a brilliant time, going really crazy. Then i saw his two sons standing next to him. They were looking on with absolute horror. Frozen to the spot as dad made a complete twat of himself in front of the whole festival. It was the funniest things i saw all year. And kind of wonderful too.

Picture caption: you can just about see the dad in this picture, he isn’t facing the camera but is the guy in the middle with grey trousers that looks like he is about to fall over backwards.