Caught by the River

Shadows & Reflections – Paolo Hewitt

22nd December 2008

In which, as the year comes to it’s end, our friends and collaborators look back and share their moments;

It was a very good year. In January, the Dead Mosquito boys shot a short film of our book The Mumper and within a week of being on You Tube we had sold the film rights. In February, I went to Wembley and watched the Spurs win the Cup. Oh Happy Day. In March, I discovered the Craig Charles Funk and Soul show on BBC 6. In April, I walked in Highgate woods with Mick Head in the early morning mist. In May, people in Los Angeles bid for the rights to my Robin Friday book. In June I wrote about Brutus shirts and had lunch with Justin De Villneuve. In July, I damm near cried at the love and care put into my 50th birthday celebrations. In August, to celebrate, I swam in the Mediterranean and took my aunt Gilda to church.
In September, I started interviews for a Martin Chivers biography. In October, I signed a book deal for a follow up to the Looked After Kid. In November, I wore new Gabicci and finished the script with Anthony Easton for our film Notting Dale. And in December I looked back and saw it was all good and as it should be. Love to you and yours.