Caught by the River

Feathers, Flies & Phantoms

6th January 2009

This web site is both about the history of fishing tackle made or sold in Aberdeen, Scotland and the salmon flies used on the river Dee. The period it covers is roughly 1820 – 1940. It is purely an educational resource and hopefully will be of interest to collectors and anyone interested in fishing tackle and flies. You will see there are various pages listed on the right hand side, the “tackle makers” page will show items of tackle and ephemera and some details of the tackle makers of Aberdeen. The “vintage flies” page will show images of vintage flies used in the north east of Scotland, these may be the famous Dee style flies or just flies that were popularly used. I’ve also added a page for cool stuff not from Aberdeen, contents will vary but will include colour salmon fly plates from old tackle catalogue – great reference to get the correct proportions for your own classics and there may also be some spey flies lurking in there!

This is very much an ongoing project and the web site will develop over time. If you like what you see, or have information about the tackle makers or flies please let me know either by email or on the guest book page.

Colin Innes.