Caught by the River

Kennet Barbel, 23/1/09

27th January 2009



Even though I say so myself, here’s a picture of a deserved Padworth barbel (6lbs) after almost 9 hours braving gales, a river well and truly in flood (flotsam & jetsam included a car wheel, a couple of trees & a huge dead barbel belly-up), freezing rain and an odd bloke who walked past about five times smoking a cheroot.

Big leads, braid & halibut I’m afraid – not a day for the purist.

And a big thank you to the ‘Padworth regulars’ who all strolled up at around 4pm, told me I was daft to braved it since 8am and then matter-of-factly said it was a waste of time down there this time of year until it started getting dark.

Thanks to those sage words I decided to give it an extra half an hour, and sure enough, up popped old whiskers.

New Christmas rod well and truly broken in and christened in style.

And yep, a ‘lucky raptor’ was spotted – kestrel, hovering all day in the grass just behind where I was parked up. Any chance of arranging, say, a Sparrowhawk for our next trip out?

Pictures of the Kennet a good 3′ up also attached.


see you tuesday