Caught by the River

The Fellowship of Burbot Anglers

27th January 2009

from Dan Perry;


Dear brother of the angle,

I issue a call to rods for all those who wish to assist in the search for that most neglected of Britain’s fish – the burbot. In gentler times it was known as ‘the lawyer’ but today even spell check on the computer has forgotten this noble fish! If the idea of a fellowship awakens, or parallels, those youthful memories of enjoyable waterside merriment, read on!
Taking into account reports of global warming I believe our target may have turned tail on its old haunts in the north of the country. Therefore my fledgling plan is to seek out Lota lota in the waters close to where I live in the South West of England. This is the sum of my efforts so far and I do not propose to set a detailed agenda, merely an expectation that the fishing days are of a tranquil nature, spent in good company and include a visit to a good country pub.
The fellowship shall fish for the mighty burbot using the lift float in summer, searching every inch of any lilly-covered pond that is deemed suitable. As the weather turns and autumn winds tickle the leaves from the trees ‘the lawyer’ shall be sought in the rivers. Trotting a float or free lining luncheon meat, no fishy glide or pool shall be ignored. If by winter the fellowship has still seen no sign of burbot than it may take to dead baiting to see if that is to his taste. Once the close season is upon us the quest to find new waters, which are to the fellowships taste, shall begin. If you are looking for a gentler outlook to your fishing and are interested in joining the fellowship please contact me at: or

Keep in mind that essential maxim uppermost in the burbot angler’s mind – there is always a chance.