Caught by the River

A Pint of Barbus Barbus

18th February 2009


from Butt’s Brewery, Barbus barbus, described as ‘a cask ale, hoppy and well balanced without being sweet (4.6%ABV)’

“This is where it all started to go pear shaped as far as branding goes. Barbel bitter was one of the original ideas in day one, after being told it would just sell to a few quirky fishermen (of which I am one) the idea was ditched. A landlord of a pub who’s car park doubled up for Kennet fishermen had suggested producing a beer to celebrate the opening of the course fishing season. His pub just so happened to be called the Butt! Thanks to another artistic friend who happened to work in a printers ­ Barbus barbus (the latin name) was released, but unfortunately this cost him his job”.

That said, a look at Butt’s site today (careful) and not only is it still in production but the bottle has had a make-over and it’s rated as a decent ale. The brewery is in Hungerford and a diversion will be taken on our next trip to Barton Court. I think I might have just stumbled on a way of getting Andrew back on the ‘bank.


And whilst we are on the subject, several weeks ago Jakub and I enjoyed a post-fishing Guinness in the garden of the recently re-opened ‘Perch’ by the Thames at Medley. Very handy (and with some discretion it’s a great short cut back to the car park. A short cut via a pub. Honest). JB with thanks to Roy W