Caught by the River

Danny & The Champions of the World

17th February 2009


Jeff, Yeah, still doing my bit for the royal mail – totally loving it – feels good. Have a sealed copy of the Oxford American with your name on it here mate – will be up in soho early on Thursday night – you about? Can drop it to you or have a quick pint if you fancy. James W is going great guns – I’ve known him for many years – boy wonder – always was a cut above on the old six strings – good on him – imagine that, muswell hill boy meetsthe Killer – this is a modern world. How’s the book going? When’s it hitting the river banks? Can’t wait – yeah you told me that RW had written the Wandle piece – shall really look forward to reading it – good on him for doing something. Me, I’ve just joined ‘The Mycroft Snuff Society’ – meets in an old boozer overlooking the ponds at Carshalton! Talking about the ‘Wandle Swan’ – am recording it in Chicago with Steve Albini – just me, a banjo, my guitar and a dulcimer on me back and a few guest appearances – will play you it when it’s all done – can’t wait – gonna be a classic. Am setting up a little label/club/folly called ‘STILL BELIEVE’ – will tell you more when there’s more to tell. In the meantime mate, have a good one and be lucky, maybe Thursday? Best, Danny x

Still Believe