Caught by the River

Vintage Fishing Tackle for the Soul

18th March 2009


Ladies and Gentlemen

After spending the end of the coarse fishing season on the rivers of Arcadia the stall returns to London at Spitalfields Antiques Market
on Thursday 19th March where you will be able to find a preview of the large amount of stock that will be transported by barge and pony
to the two day vintage fishing tackle fair at Mullocks Auctions, The Racecourse Ludlow, which is taking place on Saturday 21st March and
Sunday 22nd March. Arcadia in Ludlow is situated at the regular pitch, just inside the doors to the bar at the Racecourse a bun’s
throw and a tea cup’s trip from the burger van. You are welcome to come and discuss your closed season blues with me in either London or the country.


Andrews of Arcadia
Vintage Fishing Tackle for the Soul
Spitalfields Antiques Market
Commercial Street
London E1
Every other Thursday
7.30am – 3pm
07980 274 383