Caught by the River

Street Fishing a Paris

9th April 2009

Hi Jeff

Hope you are very well. This may be off the mark, but I got the clip below from friends of my Paris-dwelling brother Mark (or his wife, or something). They’ve got this thing where they fish in city centre canals, park ponds and all over the city. It’s illegal and in the film they compare it – with brilliant French pretension – to graffiti artists, but still. You get the picture. It’s in French but I know you fish-o-philes get excited by anyone with a rod.

See you soon


I sent this to our man in exile, Dexter Petley, for his comments;

…….not a lot, nothing that the other bunch fishing the seine behind them wouldn’t say. ted got it about right; “with brilliant french pretension”. carp fishing in the banlieu is much more “street” and dangerous, but still, it is interesting and there’s a real tackle shop in it, the rarest thing in france. i’d say street fishing was more like busking on the metro than graffitti…..