Caught by the River

C.P.Lee remembers Roger Eagle

1st May 2009

“I first met Roger in 1966 at around the time he was finishing DJ’ing at the Wheel. He lived in a flat opposite my girlfriends house and I used to watch him load and unload a transit van that proudly proclaimed on the side ‘The Milton James Soul Band’, Milton, a Black American singer, being Roger’s latest protégé – Sadly he wasn’t a very good soul singer despite having everything else right and soon Milton and Roger parted company. By then of course it was 1967 and Roger was embracing the ‘alternative’ lifestyle. He noticed that he had young hippies across the road and eventually we were invited in for listening sessions. This was my first experience of the University of roger eagle. Basically the syllabus consisted of being put in an armchair, fed with cannabis and then being subjected to an intense musical bombardment”

from ‘Remember Roger Eagle‘. available to subscribers on Monday.