Caught by the River

English Dreamer

19th May 2009


Posted a piece by our friend Jon Savage yesterday – thought it was a good time to point you in direction of his newly launched website, an online archive and occasional blog on the affairs of the day. You’ll probably know Jon’s writing from one of his exemplary books (such as England’s Dreaming or Teenage) or from a veritable where-it’s-at list of magazines over the years. Also worth noting that Jon has compiled several albums over the last few years, each fantastically exploring uncharted subculture territories (hobo protest folk on Meridian 1970, the earliest forays into homosexual popular music on Queer Noises, etc). Jon has also contributed a pretty staggering chapter to our forthcoming Caught By The River book – out next month, details to follow. Detailing youth and young manhood on the river Thames, Jon invokes ghost travelers from decades spent on the banks including the Pistols, Derek Jarman and Ray Davies. Intensely moving, deeply personal, the piece is just another reason why here at CBTR towers, Jon is viewed as a bit of a national treasure.

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