Caught by the River

Pleasures Of April

5th May 2009

Private Eye – For a little extra effort it beats being sucked into the world of Metro and The London Paper
Bill Callaghan ‘Sometimes I Wish We Were An Eagle’– James Oldham has already sung the praises of this eloquently, so check out his review. It’s the first new record that’s been on repeat in our house for months;
Adnams ‘Spindrift’;
The first barbecue of the year;
Iron and Wine ‘Our Endless Numbered Days’ (I always prefered the EPs and was initially disappointed by this, but as the days get longer this record gets more beautiful);

Manic Street Preachers “Journal For Plague Lovers” (did I say that last month? If so, I mean it doubly this month);
Purposely making my cat go mad on catnip;
Dark Star brewery American Pale Ale – worth the trip to Brighton to the Evening Star pub/brewery tap for…;
Fever Ray “If I Had A Heart” Fuck Buttons remix (anything/everything by Fuck Buttons working for me at the moment);
Michael Smith “The Giro Playboy” (think his genius Drivetime series is still on iPlayer);
The final few hours of the best series of 24 since the first one:
Actually relishing train journeys that are extended due to track works (Gloucester – Severn Tunnel Junction, the closest the train to Cardiff will ever get to the Exeter to Plymouth stretch)

“The Magical World of The Strands” revisited;
Antony with Bryce Dressner ‘I Was Young When I Left Home’. From ‘Dark was the Night’;
the aforementioned Bill Callahan record;
Alice Oswald ‘Dart’ read by the author. On CD;
‘Sleepwalk on the Severn’;
Guardian & Observer guides to Secret Britain;
Remembering Roger Eagle;
Long days.