Caught by the River

Kicksville 66

21st June 2009


Thanks to Johnny Dee at the Guardian Guide for bringing this great blog to our attention. It’s written by Miriam Linna, who in 1976 was the first drummer in The Cramps. The author describes the blog as an ‘unwieldy scrapbook’, but it’s a real rock ‘n’ roll love letter and a reminiscence of pure, uncynical fan-dom.
It’s 1975 in Ashbatula, Ohio and she’s through with boredom….To get the flow make sure and read it from the first post – that’s from the bottom up. Here’s the introduction from Part One;


“Stuff started seeping out of the woodwork before the paint was dry. Phone calls, remember-whens, faded pictures, a couple grainy super-8’s, old letters, a stop-by. “Lux is dead,” they’d say. “He’s gone.” So I get a call from my first big town roommate, Pam, sister of the great and also-late Bryan Gregory, and we ruminate, a shot of white light into one hell of a moldy basement, and it’s with that conversation that I begin this slow descent into a year that time forgot. Round One is shot out of the cannon, a random blast. It was a lifetime ago– everything’s changed, and nothing’s changed. Like when you spin around real fast and stop, and you’re digging your heels in, and everything around you is a whirling blur.” (Kicksville 66)