Caught by the River

Sitting and Reading about Walking and Swimming

11th June 2009


Not sure if you’ve been following The Guardian’s Great British Walks supplements this last week – we should have made a bit more of a song and dance about it when they started as they have been brilliantly inspirational. It was great to pick up a national news paper, brush miserably past the government’s latest misfortunes and see Kathleen Jamie walking round Loch Ness (doesn’t find Nessie sadly) alongside an East Sussex hike with CBTR friends British Sea Power. The covers have all been fantastic too (done by the same chap who does all the Adnams Beer artwork, fact fans).

Joining the ‘outdoor activity’ dots (it was meant to be a nice weekend ahead though the forecast seems to change by the minute) – we got a lovely email from a lady called Anna who is part of the Outdoor Swimming Society. Their website is fantastic, total CBTR – covering everything from nightswimming in the full moon to trying to help conquer people’s fears of swimming in open water. Got to say, my own fear of jumping off the banks probably stems from this from back in day. What the hell were they trying to do to us??? Still having nightmares now – hopefully the OSS can help.