Caught by the River

Letter from East Cornwall

14th July 2009

Thanks Jeff.

We really appreciate your help with getting the Magic Numbers. Makes a great line-up for us.

The river was not too good. Low and slow, no salmon in sight and none heard of.

We fished half heartedly during the day – had a break and then fly- fished for sea-trout after dark which proved much more fun, we had 6 at about a pound and a half each.

It’s great fishing in the dark as you can’t see what you’ve caught but it’s even more exciting to discover what you’ve got when you get them onto the bank. Sea-trout can often hit the fly hard in the dark and then when they feel the line they go berserk and flik-flak over the top of the water. It’s not always easy to make it work and I’ve had many times cursing the tangles and birds nests that have appeared without much cause. But if you can fly fish in the dark it’s very rewarding when it all works out and kind of slightly mad and eccentric too. I have often asked myself ”what on earth is it that I think I’m doing here wading at midnight trying to catch fish I can’t see”. The joys of angling…………….