Caught by the River

Pleasures Of… Port Eliot

29th July 2009


A few of our highlights from the Port Eliot Festival

The talk from ‘Falling And Laughing – The Restoration Of Edwyn Collins’ by Grace Maxwell and Edwyn’s acoustic gig afterwards;
King Creosote – special mention to Kenny’s genius Dexys cover;
Chris Watsoncheck out anything that he’s recorded;
Robin and I being given our own barrel of Tribute;
A very hungover Dominic West in conversation with Marina Hyde – hilarious;
helping get Dominic West drunk the night before said conversation;
Gavin Turk’s ‘House Of Fairytales’;
the hog roast and beer stall;
The Magic Numbers Saturday night set – pure pop adrenalin;
and an awesome British Sea Power straight after them;
the bellini bar at dusk;
joining the One Minute Disco in the pissing rain for one last dance of the weekend after packing everything away.

Also… make sure to watch The Culture Show tonight as it has a feature on Port Eliot which closes with a very special play out that we helped put together – Romeo from The Magic Numbers, Kathryn Williams and John Head performing an acoustic number down by the riverside. Tune in to BBC2 at 7pm or check it out later on the iPlayer.