Caught by the River

The Big Jump

12th July 2009


We had the pleasure of meeting Anna from the Outdoor Swimming Society at The Purcell Room last night. She asked if I was doing a ‘Big Jump’ today. This is what she meant;

“On 12 July, water babies across Europe will be taking part in The Big Jump. Held to celebrate the joys of river swimming and to reconcile people with their rivers, The Big Jump project aims to ‘induce citizens to re-conquer their rivers and lakes and revive the powerful links that used to bind people to these spaces.”

If you are participating please give thought to all the anglers on the banks. Our mate Steve had a young lady appear in his swim on the Kennet last week – he swears he hadn’t been eating halibut pellets – and he hasn’t been the same since.

Photo’s and a few words would be welcome though, it would be good to post something up. Please send here.