Caught by the River

Holiday Reading

13th August 2009


One of the things I love about CBTR is that people can enthuse and share their passions and you know they’re actually being genuine. It isn’t work and they’re not going to benefit from it. Real word of mouth. Recently Jeff recommended David Nicholl’s ‘One Day’ He mentioned that he even shed a tear. I finished the book this weekend, actually sobbing to myself. Days later and I’m still thinking about the characters. They’re wonderfully described and despite their flaws, you really do become attached. For anybody about to go on holiday, I couldn’t recommend it enough. In fact, a holiday isn’t required – give it a read. I’d love to say it’s available in our shop, but Amazon have it on sale in hardback for 6.48 with free postage and there’s no way we can compete with that. Andrew