Caught by the River

The Bird Effect Diaries

Ceri Levy | 28th August 2009

The diary of the making of a film. and an on going fascination with birds and their accompanying cast of human characters. By Ceri Levy. Read previous entries here.

Terminologies of the month:
Most important is the difference between a birder and a twitcher so let’s get this out of the way from the off. All birders are NOT twitchers!
Birder – Someone who watches, identifies and studies birds in their natural habitats.
Twitcher – Someone who travels specifically in the pursuit of rare birds.
Next month there will be definitions of robin-stroker, dude, and stringer!

Book of the Month
Charlie Elder’s “While Flocks Last”
A beautiful book about one mans quest to travel the length and breadth of Britain to see every one of the endangered birds on the British Red List in one calendar year. Stunning on the road tales and travails of Charlie’s quest. Cannot recommend it highly enough. He is giving a talk at Birdfair and I hope to approach him about appearing in the film.

Bird Music of the Month
Sufjan Stevens – Lord God Bird

A song about the supposed re-discovery of the seemingly extinct ivory billed woodpecker in 2005 in Arkansas. Called The Lord God Bird because on seeing the striking bird people would apparently cry out Lord God! Whatever the reality it is a stunningly beautiful piece of music.