Caught by the River

Postcard from Arvidsjaur

15th September 2009

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I first stumbled upon CBTR a few weeks ago through Ben Marshall’s fond piece about Swells. Swells was my partner in GobTV, and as you know we made the whimsical promo for “Hug My Soul”. I was surprised to find an article about Swells on what appeared to be a fishing site, until I saw that it was by Ben. Then I noticed, in the right margin, a link to another good friend, Chris Watson. I mentioned it to Chris, and he explained a little about it. I’ve just returned to spend the evening browsing.
I’m a casual angler, albeit a benign one. I spend my summers at our house in Swedish Lapland, on a lake where the pike are plentiful, and the perch suicidal. I love to go out to remote wild rivers in pursuit of huge trout and grayling. I occasionally catch a grayling, but the trout seem elusive even though I can watch them ignoring my flies. I spook myself: out of my comfort zone in bear territory. Bears are more afraid of us we are told. I doubt it somehow.
Anyway, I thought I’d drop by to say hello. I’m sure we met, probably in a situation involving Robert Lloyd and a pub, but for obvious reasons, those memories are flimsy.
Best wishes,