Caught by the River

Postcard from The Highlands

8th September 2009


Hello Jeff & Robin,

Hope all’s well with you both and CBTR.

A quick report from the Highlands…

Was fishing for salmon on the Spey last week. Unproductive few days for me though others were more successful (including fish of 15, 20 and 22 pounds).
Heavy rain on Thursday meant river was coloured and rising fast so at lunchtime we all decided to call it a day.
Rain continued all afternoon – and then all night. Woke on Friday wondering how the river was going to be but a quick trip down to the river closest to us answered the question. Don’t think I’ve seen so much water since we’ve been spending time up here. When we left the river on Thursday it was up to 8 inches above summer level. I later found out that at its peak it was over 8 feet (yes, feet) above summer level.

Our friend Paul arrived on the sleeper at Aviemore on Friday morning. It was clear we weren’t going to get to fish the Spey. Managed to get a bit of loch fishing organised for today – a beautiful spot not far from the Cairngorms. Conditions were perfect (in theory) – the loch’s spring fed so unaffected by the recent rainfall, there was a light breeze and the sun just appeared from time to time. But we were struggling to catch anything.

After a lochside lunch and firing up of the Kelly kettle we took to the water again. And finally I managed to hook a fish. Whilst I’d have preferred to catch a brownie I was more than happy with a rainbow – it was a stocked fish but the loch’s gin clear with abundant food so it was a very healthy fish of 3.75lbs. Enjoyed baked with friends this evening.

We have a few more days in Scotland before we return south. Busy preparing our Peter Green print exhibition in October.
Hope to catch up with you both soon,

Simon x