Caught by the River

Listening Pleasures of ….September

6th October 2009

Jeff was mostly listening to;


The Strange Boys – ‘And Girls Club’ album. Texan punk rock kids sounding Kinksy, swampy and shambolic. On ‘In The Red’. Folk raving about the live shows after recent UK visit.

The Unthanks‘Living by the Water’ (from the album, ‘Here’s the Tender Coming’)

Monsters of Folk – ‘Dear God, (Sincerely, M.O.F.)’ (From the album, ‘Monsters of Folk’). Listen here.

‘Bob Dylan’s Theme Time Radio Hour Season 2’. Ace records make another fine selection, this time from season two. If you want to hear the actual shows, Bob ‘n’ all, head over to here.

Reigning Sound – ‘Trash Talk’ (from the album, ‘Love and Curses’)
02 Trash Talk

Jim O’Rourke – ‘The Visitor’ new LP. John Fahey meets Van Dyke Parks. Really lovely record.

Taken by Trees – ‘East of Eden’ LP.

‘Found in Translation’ mix tape by someone called Phoreyez. Especially for the awesome femme soul tune at the beginning. There’s no track listing on the disc and I have no idea what it is. To all you crate diggers out there, Help! Available from Sounds of the Universe.

Richard Hawley – ‘Truelove’s Gutter’. Great songs. His best record since the Setanta releases I reckon.