Caught by the River

Listening Pleasures of…..September

8th October 2009

Steve Phillips, CBTR publicist and fishing buddy has been enjoying;


Leisure Society – ‘The Sleeper‘. If you feel like a good cry, buy this. A beautiful, beautiful record all about loss on every level evoking images of men with beards on moors carrying axes, or something. And ‘We Were Wasted’ is perhaps the most poignant ‘lost-it’ song of recent years. mates with Shane Meadows & Paddy Considine – reason enough to buy this.

Black Crowes – ‘Before the Frost’ / JJ Cale – ‘Troubadour’ – because the beta blockers have made me feel like I’m driving a 65 mustang in southern california with James May.

Monsters of Folk – it’s the sort of record I feel like I should like as I approach 40 and for once I actually do. Good combo as they say, well, for a ‘supergroup’.

The Pains of Being Pure at heart / Pastels & Tenniscoats – ‘Two Sunsets’ – If you ever wore a stripped breton fishermans t-shirt you’ll probably like these two records. Splendid stuff that jeers in the face of progress.


Big Star – No.1 Record. Just re-issued and a reminder of how damn good this band were, if reminder were indeed needed. (as is this, JB)

The Cult – ‘Peace Dog’. Because no week is complete without hearing the immortal lines, “B-52 baby, way up in the sky, come drop your lovin’ on me chil”.