Caught by the River

Uke Appeal

15th October 2009

The Leisure Society wants you to play your Ukelele on stage 25th November @ St Giles In The Fields, London.

London symphonic pop band The Leisure Society are on the look out for fellow Ukelele enthusiasts to join them in a rousing version of their song ‘Matter of Time’ at their next London show at St Giles In The Field on the 25th November. Over to frontman Nick Hemming on how you can help them form a temporary ukelele army for the night:

“I first got interested in Ukuleles after seeing George Harrison playing one on the Beatles Anthology series in the 90s. It’s such an accessible instrument, anyone of any age can get a sound out of a Uke & you can learn enough basic chords to play a song in about 5 minutes. They are also relatively cheap so I’ve been steadily adding to my collection for the last 10 years, it’s starting to get a little bit out of hand! I find them a really useful writing tool, it all feels quite instinctive but at the same time I don’t actually know any chord names on the Uke – It’s sometimes good to have that naivety when writing as it lets creativity flow without falling into the usual tried-&-tested chord changes. There’s a big Ukulele outro on our last single Matter Of Time and, whenever they’re about, we get our fellow Willkommen Collective members to join us onstage for the finale. We thought it’d be nice to take it a step further & ask audience members to participate at our end-of-year show at St Giles In The Field on 25th November. So, if anyone is coming and fancies playing along – the only chords you need to know are D, G & A – bring a Ukulele and we’ll have some fun!”