Caught by the River

Matt's Bird of the Week – The Grey Wagtail

Matt Sewell | 2nd November 2009


Sadly, I saw a Grey wagtail everyday last week. It’s barbaric to think that a joyous spotting of this sprite can make me blue. But he has taken up the roost of my beloved Kingfisher. I have never lived so close to a river and for months I’ve been enjoying the company of one of Britain’s most beautiful birds, the Kingfisher. I have been trying to paint him for weeks but I just cant get that blue right. Anyone who has seen one will now what a blue it is too, a spectral blue not of this universe.
Now I’d like to think there wasn’t a fight and the Kingfisher was beaten up and bullied out by the Grey Wagtail, but having watched Sir Attenborough so many times I cant help but fear so. Such is life. But as autumn is among us, I would like to think he and his Queenfisher left of their own accord and are just spending the winter at the riveria .
Au revoir mon petit bleu ami! X

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