Caught by the River

Farewell Piscator

6th November 2009

retreating fisherman

Sad news from John at Pure Piscator:

Hi All,
Unfortunately a bit of sad news to report, and that is the main part of the Pure site will soon cease to be updated. Sadly due to the other commitments in life, those we all face, we don’t have the time to dedicate to the site like we once did. Because of this, we feel we can’t do it justice anymore. We’re sorry for this we really are.

It’s not all bad news however, because the site won’t be deleted as such, so all of the old content will still remain in place, and who knows somebody make pick up the torch and keep the same ethos (non commerical, no adverts, no sponsorship, simple angling) going in a new site.

As for this forum, well it will stay in place as long as it’s called for. Perhaps somebody would like to set up another one and everybody can transfer to it, either way we will keep it in place until an alternative pops up. If this never happens..then who knows.

No doubt this will seem like odd timing having just put a forum on the site, HOWEVER THERE IS NO HIDDEN AGENDA, it’s just happened that way. It’s perhaps worth pointing out that this isn’t directly connected to any of the forum issues of late, it really is just about not having the time to keep the site going properly anymore…AND NOTHING ELSE!

So basically, keep enjoying the forum, but if anybody wants to set another up then by all means do so.

Thanks to everybody that has supported the site over the last 3 years, and especially to those of the ‘Work Party’. It was always everybody’s efforts combined that made this site.

All the best