Caught by the River

Bird Box Alarm Clock

4th January 2010

Living two floors up in the city, it’s pretty hard to interact with wildlife unless you’re squirrel spotting in the park or avoiding angry estate dogs with angrier owners. Attempts at keeping a bird box failed dismally firstly when said squirrels tore it off the outside window and secondly when we drove our newly adopted cat to distraction every time we filled up again. So, what to do?

Possibly the Bird Box Alarm Clock is the answer. It’s an indoor bird sanctuary for iPhone owners. Set the alarm and in the morning, you’re woken by sweet bird song (along with filmed visuals of nesting blue tits). You can even set up your phone to chirp on the hour every hour. It’s ace. And, best of all, for added hilarity, the cat thinks the bird song is real. (Robin)

For more information visit their website