Caught by the River

Sick Note From Arcadia

27th January 2010

ladies and gentlemen

for all those of you who may be preparing to travel to spitalfields tomorrow i am afraid to tell you that due to an outbreak of vicious bream cough in arcadia i will not be there but will return as usual next thursday 4th february.

in the meantime to sate your appetite i am pleased to announce the secret winter sale at exclusive to signatories upon my e mailing list.

should you find yourself idling on the pages of my site please note that the prices there displayed can be discounted and you alone may purchase until 28th february this year at the following:

allcocks aerial popular £252
hardy tin & contents £99
hardy bamboo rod case £108
hardy three drawer gaff £40
brunswick brothers button £40
laa geen cup ticket £18
aldenham reservoir pike permit £36
brighton palace pier association register £45
madresfield estate letters £22
1910 allcocks pike gag £40
metal edged cardboard boxes – a collection £86
a e verona of calcutta mahseer lures – a collection £385
bernard & sons brass reel £122
georgian anglers wallet £40
abu smoker £32
huntley & palmers creel biscuit tin £158
allcocks streamsearch float in original packaging £22

good afternoon


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