Caught by the River

One More Gear

13th February 2010

“In an ill-advised moment of madness, I agreed to enter a stupidly difficult cycle race in France. Now with only six months remaining before the 3 July start, I need to get my act together and get my training regime under way. This blog will chart my agonisingly slow progress and give you the chance to marvel at my unerring self-belief as I edge ever-closer to two-wheeled oblivion.”

Fans of Ben McCormick’s inspired ‘Beer Advent Calendar’ are strongly advised to check out his latest blog, One More Gear, ” a chronicle of cycling suffering in the run-up to La Marmotte”.

We enjoyed the advent calendar so much that we invited Ben to become a contributor to our new Pint by the River column. He kindly took up the offer and made his debut last week. Click HERE if you missed it.