Caught by the River

Pike Drama

24th February 2010

Nick Small chanced upon this amazing photo on Flickr at the weekend. The drama of it blew us away so we got in touch with the guy and this is what he told us;

….All this happen last monday..We are fishermen first and we have great access to beautifull scotland ..I take friends out fishing nearly every week..we went to the north part of loch lomond near ardlui …we fished a small loch very unacessible from the road, it is separated but the river falloch. I make good use of a kayak to get to those remote places..the fish are pike…we allways have to break the ice…we use both methode of fishing, either the lure or dead bait, like small mackrell …scenery, weather changes,light big fish up to 24lb makes your day..the guy on the picture is myself …… friend took the picture, konrad his name is…….he is very strong and helps me out with all the gears………loch lomond is so unexplored, they are huge fish ..would be good to get a 30lb ..maybe this year with the kayak…be good jeff ..nicolas valentin

There are loads more great shots, fishing and otherwise, up on Nicolas and Konrad’s page HERE.