Caught by the River

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8th March 2010

from Nick Small;

“I’m not really one for finding and reading Blogs, but I happened upon one last week, that of a Fenlander turned Laplander. Hell, here was a man launching himself into a life that most would find intolerable, but that I covet. The entries regarding the trip out to his cabin in temperatures around 30 degrees below, just to sleep and battle with the elements, are about as bonkers as it gets (native Samis would chortle). But to me, it’s the same instinct at work that takes a 10 year old off into the local woods with his mates and some fruit malt, to make a den and lie in the leaf litter pretending to be at one with nature. Fantastic stuff. Perhaps though, I’ll follow his progress, living the dream vicariously, before I go dragging the whole family out there permanently.”

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