Caught by the River

Alex Chilton 1950 – 2010 R.I.P.

18th March 2010

I’ve just woken up to a text from Jimmy Endeacott. Alex Chilton has died of a heart attack. A love of this guy has been something that I’ve had in common with every single friend that I have made since 1983. It’s gonna be a sad day.

Once folk start getting out of bed I’ll pull in some tributes, until then, this is how it happened for me;

[audio:|titles=22 September Gurls]

When I moved to london in the summer of 1986 I got introduced to Big Star…they changed my life…

September Gurls was the anthem of Head Records, the phil kaufman club and all that followed…it was OUR music…

My birthday will never be the same again…

James xx

“They called themselves Big Star and never made it big or found stardom, and there, along with a 2.49 song called ‘September Gurls’ that shimmers and chimes with all the hopeless longing you ever felt for someone you never got to hold or to keep, is the pocket history of power pop”

“Power pop is a prayer offered by atheists to a God who exists but doesn’t hear. Keep An Eye on The Sky is a worthy temple to this bittersweet faith.”

Michael Chabon.