Caught by the River


9th March 2010

The response to David Sheppard’s article on the Music & Migration compilation has been phenomenal, resulting in an instant sell out of the CDs from our shop. The time that it took for us to re-stock may have resulted in a short delay in delivery so apologies to anyone who had a wait. We have a few copies left and once they are gone, that’s it. All gone.

To be honest, we have been overwhelmed at the popularity of all things ‘bird’ of late. I think it started back in August with Ceri Levy’s ‘Bird Effect Diaries’. The idea to keep these diaries on CBTR came about not because Andrew, Robin and I are keen birders – we’re not – but simply because we liked Ceri’s ideas and his enthusiasm and because he makes us laugh. I mean, this ‘Bird Effect’ film was originally going to be a gentle, but satirical, look at birding etc but two weeks in and it was “one of us, one of us”. Now, with a fresh pair of eyes and a real passion, he is coming up with ideas that, I think, are going to make a real difference in helping raise awareness of the great difficulties birds are facing in the world right now. He has certainly got me paying more attention, not just to what I see (and hear) around me but also to the bigger picture.

It’s only right then that Ceri gets to choose the tracks for the third in our series of Birdsong downloads. He has even chosen the bird for the cover which, once again, will be a Matt Sewell watercolour. This will be sent out to all CBTR members at the end of next week.
Whilst on the subject of the downloads, we have had a lot of requests for re ups. I’m afraid that isn’t possible. We only ever send out the link once, it stays ‘live’ for three days, then that’s it.

We would also like to thank everyone that has sent in their own ‘birdsong’ comps. There’s been some good stuff but please, no more. I have particularly enjoyed the selections from Ally ‘Dusty 7″s’ Payne, Andy Beevors, David J Hemingway (thanks for the link to the Songs For Lighthouse Keepers download) and Andrew Male. A special shout has to go to Gavin Lucas who proves that no bird rocks quite like the chicken, on his exclusively chicken themed compilation. Here’s one by Billy Bland entitled ‘Momma Stole the Chicken’;
[audio:|titles=14 Momma Stole The Chicken]

Ah, almost forgot, if you need a further fix of birdsong head over to Daniel Williams’ ace Nightingales website (it seems great minds think alike…)