Caught by the River

The Ceri Levy Effect

4th April 2010

Jeff says; Since meeting Ceri, almost a year ago now, I have definitely talked more bird. He has had me seeing and doing a load of stuff that I would not have done had we not met. Like, accompanying him to a ‘symposium’ on birds at an Oxford University, visit an art gallery in Milton Keynes to see an extraordinary exhibition of bird related work by the artist Marcus Coates and on Friday, a real treat, he took me and the family to a local (London) park to see these tawny owlets, now aged about seven weeks old. Joy.

Now Ceri has very generously suggested taking a lucky Caught by the River reader along to see the owlets before it’s too late and they have grown and flown. We talked about this yesterday and decided that a good thing to to do would be to offer it up as a competition prize. Before I give you the question there are a few things to point out;

1/ the birds are in west / central London. You make your own way to the meeting point.
2/ Ceri is available on either Thursday the 8th at 10am or Saturday the 10th at 10am.
3/ the prize is for ONE winner plus a winner’s mate.
4/ you need to be a registered CBTR member to be eligible.
5/ Ceri is a very nice man. not weird. not scary.

and the question Ceri asks is, “What bird was the 200th on my bird list?”

Send your answer to us at If you’ve been keeping up with the ‘Bird Effect Diaries’ this shouldn’t be too difficult. We’ll keep the competition open until midnight on Tuesday. Fingers crossed.