Caught by the River

Nature Book Reader

6th May 2010

From today, the Caught by the River Nature Book Reader is available to read or download. Each month further contributions will be added making it a constantly updated source of information, whether to be read for pleasure or used for reference. (click HERE).

This hasn’t been achieved alone and there are several people that we would like to thank: The original idea came from Andrew Male, a Caught by the River reader and music magazine editor. Andrew has written the introduction, which explains the concept further. We would also like to thank Lora Findlay for her time and skills in making it look so good. Lora was responsible (along with Paul Kelly) for the design of our book ‘Words on Water’. We knew she was good but I have been blown away by what she has done for us here. Thanks Lora.

And thanks to those people who have contributed to the Reader. Pretty much everyone I approached jumped at the opportunity to share their passions. So to everyone who has been asking what I have done with the information that you gave to me all those months ago, here it is – I hope you like it. Andrew, Robin and I are incredibly proud of what has been created.

When we started Caught by the River we had no idea where it would take us. We still don’t. But for now creating this, operating a mobile library, remembering Roger Eagle, going to the greenhouse with Tracey Thorn and labelling a limited edition ‘Caught by the River’ beer, is enough to keep our lives busy and happy and unpredictable.