Caught by the River

Dawn Chorus Day

Ceri Levy | 1st May 2010

by Ceri Levy.

Sunday is International Dawn Chorus Day and to be honest if I had the application and dedication, every day would be a Dawn Chorus Day. It is one of those magical experiences in life and if you have never heard this fluid cacophony of birdsong then I urge you to take part in Dawn Chorus Day.

The Dawn Chorus happens every morning through spring and early summer, and a multitude of birds sing their hearts out to impress mates and to mark territory, although I love the idea that is pooh poohed constantly, that they also sing because they enjoy it.

International Dawn Chorus Day is organised by The Wildlife Trusts and their dedicated website has information about a worldwide movement which is going to get up early and go for walks, to marvel and listen to our waking bird companions. There are lists of organised events up and down the country as well as across the globe.

For me the great morning singers have to be a) the Blackbird, and b) the Lark, which I believe out-sings every other bird in the world. I defy anyone on hearing that burbling stream of liquid birdsong first thing in the morning, not to make the most of the rest of the day, uplifted by this small bird with the greatest musical gift.

So no matter where you are on Sunday at dawn just think for a moment and realise that there are many people dotted around the country doing exactly the same as you. Pinning back their ears and letting the melodies wash over them. This is the natural world’s most inspiring aural experience.

Set your alarms, be outside for 5-5.30 depending on where you are and arise to the wonder.