Caught by the River

Matt's Bird of the Week – The Jay

Matt Sewell | 12th May 2010

I haven’t had a bird of the week for sometimes as quite frankly there hasn’t been any. Herring Gulls, Gulls Gulls don’t really do it for me, that’s all I’ve spotted and nothing else has been jotted for months .
Then just yesterday me and the lovely and heavily pregnant Jessica were walking up our street when a bouncing streak of blue flashed past us into a tree. What could easily of been a bin-raiding gull with a Blue Riband wrapper was… lo and behold a Jay!! So, so chuffed. It really did make my day and Jess actually saw where it came from, up behind a drainpipe on a very busy road is a twiggy nest being lovingly made, by a pair of Jays literally on the corner of our street.

I’m gonna take it as a sign, things are gonna work out just great.

Matt Sewell.