Caught by the River

Radio Four Book of the Week

2nd May 2010

Book of the Week on Radio 4 next week is ‘Blood Knots’ by Luke Jennings. You can listen to a reading of this current favourite of ours from 9.45 each morning from Monday, live on the i player and at 92 – 96FM.

“An escape that beckons from the moment you open ‘Blood Knots’ and begin to read. Barely into spring I can happily say that this is my book of the year. It is as relevant and contemporary as Yates’ ‘How to Fish’ and as affecting as Chaytor’s ‘Letters to a Salmon Fisher’s Sons’. I urge you to buy a copy on the day of publication. If you are an angler you will love it and if you are not you will devour it and may understand why others are”.

Read the rest of John Andrews review of the book HERE. And look out for a regular column of articles from Luke’s archive starting on Caught by the River very soon.