Caught by the River

Roger Eagle, July 15, 1942 – May 4, 1999

4th May 2010

On this day, eleven years ago, DJ, club-runner, music lover and instigator, Roger Eagle, was caught by the reaper.
Last year, to commemorate the tenth anniversary of his passing, we declared May 4th, ‘Roger Eagle Day’ and a book of remembrance was sent out to everyone on our mailing list. This booklet contained personal memories from a bunch of folk that knew him at different times during his influential life. They mostly came from Manchester and Liverpool, two cities that he touched directly, but it was put together by us, in London, guys who hadn’t even met him (and in most part were too young to have done so) but were well aware that he had played a part in shaping our lives. This isn’t daft, nor is it sentimental, it’s legend. He found great music and he made people listen, he found great records and made people dance. Last Friday we sent out a compilation that he had put together of some of his favourite rhythm ‘n’ blues 45s. Hopefully we aren’t fucking up the artists by doing that, just following in Rogers footsteps and ‘passing it on’.

From today the booklet is archived on the site. You can find it by clicking HERE.

(A huge thanks must go to the illustrator Kavel Rafferty, who believed in this project as much as we did and proved it by making the thing look so good. Check out Kavels website HERE).