Caught by the River

A Letter From Loch Lomond

20th June 2010

From Nicolas Valentin:

I thought I would share this one with you happen last week .A good friend of mine decided at last to visit Scotland, alongside him came his father and his son Luke ..I knew some good place on Loch Lomond and told them we had a great chance of catching something that day is never easy to be that certain..never the less after a good few hours fishing mixed by a typical Scottish weather my rod tip twitched a little bit..I strike a bit too quick and miss the fish ..knowing my stuff I waited a little longer and a minute or so later the fish had another go, I stroked this time lucky and shouted my little friend to bring that fish on dry land..After a great battle Luke landed this gorgeous pike, nothing less than 13 lb ..What a great day that was. Luke will definitely remember his trip to Scotland..

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