Caught by the River

10th August 2010


Discovered the most amazing book while I was with Phil and Jan in a 50p box outside a house. The Epic Voyage of the Seven Little Sisters by William Willis from 1956. A man of sixty builds a raft and sails across the Pacific with a cat and a parrot. More impressive than Thor Heyerdahl as he was all alone. Incredible book. And has a little of The Bird Effect in it when he relates stories from his life including being so ill in a jungle that tribesmen looked after him and to make him better they cut in half live parrots and tied them to his feet and replaced them every few hours. At first when they removed the parrots the internal flesh was black and as he regained full fitness they remained pink!
Anyway, that was my mad discovery for the month along with the Martin Carthy version of Cum on Feel The Noize…

see you soon,