Caught by the River

Good Stuff On The Telly

6th September 2010

Great stuff on the telly in fact. TCM is showing the entire series of Deadwood, that’s seasons 1, 2 & 3, starting tomorrow at 23.30 and continuing nightly. Honestly, if you haven’t seen this programme, set the series link, buy the box sets, whatever, it’s a genuine masterpiece. Created by one-time Steven Bochco collaborator (Hill Street, NYPD Blues), David Milch, the writing is monumental. Admittedly, it’s very fucking foul-mouthed, but just check this conversation between Swearingen and Wu for absolute genius:

Prior to ‘Deadwood’ on TCM tomorrow is a great Clint Eastwood film, ‘The Unforgiven’. It’s the story of an aging gun-slingers one last sling and it also stars Richard Harris and Gene Hackman. ’nuff said, surely.

Also tomorrow night, Shane Meadows ‘This Is England ’86’ looks a winner. We are big on Shane Meadows round these parts so Channel 4 at 10pm is where we’ll be at.

Wednesday, 10pm on BBC 4 is the start of season 4 of ‘Mad Men’. I’ve only recently succumbed to this, having weirdly not enjoyed the first two episodes when they were first aired. God knows why that was. Now, after two and a half seasons in as many weeks, I’m a believer.