Caught by the River

Offshore Islands

5th September 2010

A Guide to Coastal Birds. Episode 5. BBC Radio 4, today at 2pm
now on the iplayer.

from the BBC website:
5/5. Brett Westwood is joined by keen bird watcher Stephen Moss on the Devonshire coast. With the help of wildlife sound recordist Chris Watson they offer a practical and entertaining guide to birds that you’re most likely to see and hear on Britain’s off-shore islands; birds like Common Eider Duck, Puffin, Manx Shearwater and Arctic Tern.

This is the last of five programmes to help identify many of the birds found around our British coastline in places like sandy beaches, rocky shores, estuaries, sea cliffs and off-shore islands. Not only is there advice on how to recognise the birds from their appearance, but also how to identify them from their calls and songs.

This series complements three previous series; A Guide to Garden Birds, A Guide Woodland Birds and A Guide to Water Birds and is aimed at both the complete novice as well as those who are eager to learn more about our coastal visitors and residents.

Produced by Sarah Blunt.